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A very miserable character - Donald John Trump

A very miserable character - Donald…

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The Madness of  SARS CoV2

The Madness of SARS CoV2

Gigantic crises  ...

Update: (page 2) Coronavirus-Trump and the "foreign virus"-  is a stupid and cowardly statement  for Nationalism

Update: (page 2) Coronavirus-Trump …

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Ballet, ballet - how Charles Bankston communicates expression through dance

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First of all,  the a...

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Alarming balance on the 40th anniversary of the Mullah - Revolution

Alarming balance on the 40th anniversary of the Mullah - Revolution Teheran ,Picture of VladoZg auf Pixabay


There is nothing to celebrate in Teheran


Iran used to be called Persia and was certainly not a democratic constitutional state even under Shah Reza Pahlavi. The Shah on the Peacock Throne ruled with an iron hand and his intelligence service, which was brutal beyond all measure.

But all hell broke loose when Khomeini came to Teheran 40 years ago.

The state of Iran went off the rails, and the US embassy staff was captured. For more than 400 days, the embassy staff were held hostage by a questionable regime. One wanted to blackmail the Shah from the USA. A rescue operation failed.


However, after the sect around the former Ayatollah Khomeini took power, Iran has become a terror for the world community. The "mother of all Islamic revolutions" was proclaimed, fatwas were pronounced on writers and intellectuals at home and abroad to suppress free opinion. Operations of the Iranian secret service became a power factor elsewhere.

Iran is no longer a reliable partner; it maintains an execution industry that is second to none. People who are strangled to death while wriggling on construction cranes are symbolic of a regime that has nothing else to say to the people.

Gays are hanged or forced to undergo gender reassignment. A Women's team consisted of former men who were forced by the regime to submit to this procedure. At the same time, prostitution and the consumption of alcohol are flourishing; there are countless secret places where whiskey is distilled and then distributed through real networks in Teheran. At the very least, this will bring work for the population that has been battered by the recession.


People, citizens of the state of Iran were kidnapped, tortured and subjected to draconian punishments. The modern women under the Shah were banished into unspeakable veils.

Those who did not adapt were released for hunting by guys like Ahmadineschad. Iran is a country of terror, of denial of the diversity of opinions. The clergy governs from the back room and enriches itself unilaterally with the economic benefits of the Gulf wars with Iraq and the sanctions that have lasted for years.

Teheran controls terror and is undoubtedly one of the masterminds behind international terrorism.

Iran is run-down and cannot give the increasingly rebellious youth any perspective.

The collapse of the system is only a matter of time. Then neither the almighty apparatus nor the marauding gangs of the Basidsch-e Mostaz'afin can't help. 

So, nothing to celebrate in Teheran.




WebergebnisseBasidsch-e Mostaz'afin militia can help. So no reason to celebrate instead mourns the mistakes of the decades that have passed.

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