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Fairy tale from 1001 nights - this time refugee - scam Featured

Fairy tale from 1001 nights - this time refugee - scam Bild von S. Hermann & F. Richter auf Pixabay

Heartbreaking email

The email that reaches many thousands of Germans these days is merely sad. A young woman writes from a refugee camp in Lome. Togo. Africa.

None of this is true. In Libya, where the email was written, gangsters are taking this for new business what the Nigerian mafia has been demonstrating to them for many years.

Neither the person nor the story is genuine. The perpetrators want to get hold of notary fees, which they want to have as an advance by Western Union.

A collector in any African state then collects this money, and the perpetrators are long gone.


Don't answer, don't reveal personal details and never send money!


There is also a suspicion that the perpetrators use the addresses for illegal people trafficking.


Here the charming story of a girl who went astray.


"My name is Miss Safiatou Ibrahim, from Libya, I am 22 years old, currently in St.Christopher's Parish for Refugees in Lome-Togo under the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. I lost my parents in the recent war in Libya. I am in Lome-Togo right now. Please save my life!

I am in danger. I need your help in transferring my father's legacy.

He left it for me here in a bank in Togo. I have everything I need, the documents for the fund. All I need is a foreigner who is available as beneficiary.

The amounts deposited with the Bank top up to 10.5 MILLION US DOLLAR.

I just need you for this fund to transfer it to your bank account, so I can come to your country and finish my education.

My country was in a deep crisis because of the war. And I can't go back. My whole family was killed in the battle.

If you are interested in rescuing me and helping me, you will receive my inheritance balance with maximum credit to your bank account. Please get in touch with me. I beg you!

Safiatou Ibrahim"


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