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A very miserable character - Donald John Trump

A very miserable character - Donald…

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The Madness of  SARS CoV2

The Madness of SARS CoV2

Gigantic crises  ...

Update: (page 2) Coronavirus-Trump and the "foreign virus"-  is a stupid and cowardly statement  for Nationalism

Update: (page 2) Coronavirus-Trump …

Trumps about nine minutes...

Ballet, ballet - how Charles Bankston communicates expression through dance

Ballet, ballet - how Charles Bankst…

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The peasants’ protests continue with rallies – this time the Mercosur agreement

What’s going on with the farmers?

There will be another rally today. The tractors are rolling. So does that one of Susanne Strätker again, whom we have accompanied in the numerous episodes about the farmers’ displeasure since the beginning.

For months now, there have been repeated tractor demonstrations in which they make known their justified concerns. The situation is already alarming. The domestic dying out of farms will continue, although the farmers, too, for their part, stand up for the climate goals. The insanity of these days, made from the green table in ministries, is the Mercosur agreement.

Nobody seems to have thought the chain through. However, goals are set for domestic agriculture that no one can meet. The farmers are literally crushed by the flood of regulations.
Not only that with the EU-Latin America agreement, e.g. the neo-fascist Jair Bolsonaro and his corrupt environment from the EU can also achieve trade surpluses – no- but the domestic farm dying also becomes a compulsory programme.

While in Latin America other political foundations certainly not EU climate targets apply, in the future farmers will have to compete against the enemy in Brussels.

The Mercosur Agreement is an intolerable situation anyway, which, on the surface, initially offers more freedom in trade. Only on closer inspection are the consequences for consumers and farmers frightening. For in addition to the difference between laws in Latin America and Europe, there is the fact that no species-appropriate animal husbandry, senseless deforestation and slash-and-burn clearing of the rainforests to achieve higher profits, hormone-treated animals to make them grow faster, chlorine-treated chickens to keep them germ-free, etc., will be the order of the day.
How this is to be in line with the countless regulations on climate target policy is not understood by anyone involved in agriculture.

But Brussels and Berlin once put a trade agreement in place. Politicians cannot explain the treaties, nobody wants to talk about mediation any more. An entire professional group is being made the scapegoat for wrong policies.

The farmers have a direct concern: agricultural goods should be bought in the region so that they serve the climate goals and not distort competition and thus serve the regional farm dying alone.


Update: (page 2) Coronavirus-Trump and the "foreign virus"- is a stupid and cowardly statement for Nationalism

Trumps about nine minutes long effusion about the world, how it has to be, if he can create it, disgusts every normal person.

It indicates weak leadership and extreme stupidity, which Trump explained. Trump is not able to understand that he cannot intimidate the coronavirus with the usual fake news and tweets. In doing so, the US ruler forgets that his ignorance will cause many people to die unnecessarily. Especially shameful is the fact that the nationalists are being boosted by Trump's stupidity. It is about petty-bourgeois existences and national interests, no longer about the big picture. In Ireland, all schools and universities will be closed. As well as kindergartens. The Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar came before the public.



Meanwhile, the Australian Grand Prix is probably cancelled because of Corona. McLaren had cancelled this one. In Poland the first woman has died of Corona, the 57-year-old already had severe pneumonia when she was admitted to hospital.


Entry ban for Europeans for the next 30 days

Intellectually, Trump does not seem to be able to explain the word pandemic for himself. His focus is on the economy. Like a grocer, he tries to sell the ailing US economy as the best there ever was. He fantasizes about a foreign virus. In this context Trump once again praises himself. He has understood the facts of the matter, if at all, superficially.

Meanwhile, there is a very accurate map of infections for the Federal Republic of Germany showing how quickly the virus spread in Germany in a very short time. This map is based on information from the Robert Koch Institute.


update 6 March 2020 
The epidemic has reached almost the entire world 

While South Korea is taking measures to destroy old banknotes, the number of infected people in the Southeast Asian country is rising dramatically. Perhaps banknotes are the carriers of the viruses. Allegedly, according to Chinese newspapers, the virus has mutated in the meantime. They say there are different types. 

The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong also writes, citing numerous sources, that there could probably be an emergency test vaccine in April. 

Frogs and the search for the origin of the disease

Now even the frog porridge and snake soup are being removed from the menu in China because these dishes are seen as the possible breeding ground of the epidemic. Also, the rat dishes from Guangzhou, South China, which are popular in China, will no longer exist. The authorities have banned such "treats" for Chinese. SARS came from bats with a high scientific probability. The authorities have also banned breeding snakes, crocodiles, giant salamanders and turtles, including Chinese soft-shelled turtles, from being offered for consumption. 




 Bizarre effects

The effects of the coronavirus become obvious in Germany after only a few days.
More and more infected people are reporting or seeking help in hospitals. Meanwhile, 157 cases have been confirmed (as of 2 March 2020 5 pm hours).
Fake news about the virus spread panic. This news seems to work itself very quickly through social networks.

Therefore: no rumours, no speculations, only facts.




Some rogue traders are hanging around on Amazon, in the social networks and on eBay.
There is no remedy against Corona, not even a vaccination, not a cure, not water, not a drug. And if there is no cure, no water, no medication, and if there is, it is certainly not available on amazon or via private message on twitter. The internet giant deleted a million offers today that dealt with corona remedies. Others are trying to make their cuts on the masks. It is absurd and reminds in the behaviour of the time of the plague in the Middle Ages.



It is said that there was hoarding and stockpiling. Such panic is not appropriate in a situation like this. The disease is not a death sentence. The food supply in Germany and Western Europe will not collapse.
State structures are designed in such a way that they will not disintegrate if an epidemic occurs. Panic is entirely inappropriate and leads to irrational decisions. The "Rheinische Post" reported that disinfectants were stolen from hospitals. In Münster, there was even a burglary. (!?) One wonders where these people left their wits.


The coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 is scaring individuals, but Western Europe has excellent medical care, and in their interest, states will try to get the disease under control.

Meanwhile England, France and Germany have joined forces to help Iran. Despite all the contradictions between the ruling mullahs and the international community, the focus is always on the individual.

As you can see on the map of John Hopkins University,  Corona has hit Iran extremely hard. Here the death rate is also very high. The Tehran Times reported it. North Korea is disinfecting itself. It seems a bit absurd, especially since the country certainly does not have nationwide disinfectants. The Pyongyang Times published pictures of this.

More than 3,000 people have died of the disease worldwide. In China, there are only very few new cases


Update March 1st, 2020

It seems like the disease can appear in different waves.

The virus is not yet decreasing typically. No one has been able to explain how this is possible, according to various international newspapers.

The Chinese media are fighting the rumours that are spreading through social networks in China. For example, the "high death toll in Wuhan is due to hypoxia caused by sputum plugging after using an air respirator. This is a rumour from abroad! "Where from abroad is not clear. According to the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, 86,906 fell ill, 2,981 died, and 41,958 were released as cured. South Korea is currently suffering significantly from the disease, and citizens have been asked not to leave their homes this weekend.






Surprisingly, a 73-year-old woman was released as healed a few days ago to be infected again, reports Yonhap. 

The neighbour South Korea, where the epidemic is currently raging, and the neighbour of China, where the outbreak began in Wuhan, North Korea, pretends that the disease only affects capitalism.

North Korea itself is a problem child.

Even the UN sanctions were partially eased to prevent rampant corona.

THE PYONGYANG TIMES from Pyongyang-Sŏsŏng writes as if North Korea did not concern the virus. The shift in the reality of the Kim regime is questionable in this situation. Quote from Korean: "The WHO said the number of newly infected people reported in countries and regions other than China exceeded those in China. COVID 19 cases are increasing rapidly, especially in Italy, Iran and South Korea ... "

This is completely wrong.

​Screenshot Rodong Sinmun, 2020

The official mouthpiece of the Juche party of the Rodong Sinmun in Chung-guyŏk seems to be in no way inferior.

But the reality is slowly catching up with the North Koreans. Today it was reported that older citizens and children were given special treatment. There is also "friendly information" from the dictatorship. However, Mr Kim's editors forget to mention that even the embassies are under "house arrest" and many diplomatic notes have been sent back and forth. Even Berlin, otherwise diplomatic, as the word says, has protested to the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. North Korea's regime justified this with "quarantine", now the staff has been temporarily withdrawn.

Note: We would like to thank Rodong Sinmun for the screenshot; unfortunately, it was also not possible to contact us by email to receive the photos for an article. The images could not be found in the agencies' databases.


Some information


The Robert Koch Institute in Hamburg provided information on the coronavirus. A vaccine will not be released this year.

Three more people have died of the disease in Iran. Saudi Arabia has closed access for pilgrims to the holy places. Japan has partially closed the schools until April. 



More and more often, tips are given on how to prevent the infection. Wash your hands, cough into the crook of your arm. It would help if you did not touch your face so often. 

There are more than 82,000 cases of infection and about 2,900 deaths, and nobody knows what the transmission path of the virus is. It is believed to develop in the lungs and therefore, infection occurs from the lung to lung. 




There is no reason to panic


All those who are afraid of the virus should know that it is not fatal in 95% of cases.


There are clusters that probably lead to the fact that the infections are also evident in the Federal Republic. The Robert Koch Institute in Hamburg estimates the risk of disease to be low to moderate. Nobody has to hoard or stockpile food, should there be a mass epidemic and people are placed under "house arrest", which is unlikely to be the case, the state will also help.

No one is in a vacuum. Fear is entirely inappropriate.

If you think you might be infected with Corona in Germany, please call the nationwide number of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: 116 117. Do not go to the surgery, because you might infect others.



A coronavirus suspicion has been reported in Idar-Oberstein for over an hour. Nothing has been confirmed, and there are only pictures showing police and paramedics on site—more on this in a moment. A 41-year-old soldier proved to be infected by the disease. 

He was taken to hospital.




The virus is spreading

The coronavirus has now leapt Europe. Cases have been reported from Italy and Croatia, as well as from Switzerland. On Tenerife, about 1000 holidaymakers are in quarantine in the Hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace, which is secured by the Guardia Civil. An Italian doctor was tested positive. The hotel management in Barcelona did not want to give any information about the news from El Pais and Diario de Avisos. The only information known is that guests are not allowed to leave the premises before they have been tested.




According to the Neue Südtiroler Tageszeitung, there are now also three infected people in Trentino. A total of 150 people are infected with Corona in Italy. Three have died. Whole supermarkets in the area around Milan have been emptied. Hamster purchases are taking place, which is now to be contained.

Source: Corriere della sera


There is no reason to panic

In China, with 78,804 confirmed infections and 2,463 deaths, China's ruler Xi Jinping speaks of the biggest crisis in the health care system since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, not forgetting to mention that 23,092 patients were discharged as cured.

As the South China Morning Post, published in Hong Kong, reported, the fish market in Wuhan was not the source of the infection. There were 93 samples taken, and these indicated that the virus came from somewhere else. This issue was independently determined by scientific teams from the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden in China. The virus probably broke out in late November 2019.


The coronavirus has now reached South Korea.
In the city of Daegu, according to the Korean daily newspaper The Korea Times, the virus COVID-19 has been detected in dozens of patients. Therefore, the South Korean government has issued the highest level of alert. Within a short time, 123 new cases and five deaths were reported. A total of 556 people have contracted the virus.
Most patients are treated in hospitals in North Gyeongsang Province. In the morning, President Moon Jae-in enquired about the situation in the South Asian country. Fears are growing that the pandemic could spread to North Korea. The regime there would not be able to treat such a disease.


Israel denied 130 pilgrims of the Catholic Shincheonji Church entry to Israel, which Seoul protested against. A jet with the faithful was refused in Tel Aviv, and the pilgrims were not allowed into the country.
A pandemic can no longer be stopped.

In Italy, the virus has prompted the authorities to set up practical barriers in the north of the country. In Lombardy, schools, museums and cinemas have been closed. The cause of the virus outbreak in Lombardy is not yet clear.
Meanwhile, according to the Corriere della Sera, the disease seems to be spreading to other administrative districts in the north of Italy. A case has also been reported in Milan. Measures are being taken by Rome to contain the epidemic. It is not clear whether the virus can be transmitted by air.

So far, it's only been intermittent. Concerned citizens in Italy asked if the virus could be transmitted by a pet. More than washing their hands frequently and consuming food hygienically, the regional government has no idea of advising.

An extremely high number of unreported cases

The head of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, compared the virus and the epidemic to a terrorist attack. However, this would not claim as many lives, and agencies are quoted as saying. According to media reports, President Xi Jinping visited Ditan Hospital on Monday. He was almost invisible since the beginning of the epidemic. Things are slowly becoming uncomfortable in China for the ruling dictatorship of the proletariat. The population is demanding freedom of speech. Xi Jiping recalled that Mao swam through the river when he was in Hubei.
His appearance was more reminiscent of a degenerate class of profiteers of the Chinese system from communist capitalism.

Xi Jiping should take care of the barbaric superstition in his country. Shabby men in uniforms slaughter dogs because they are blamed for the epidemic. It is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. You can watch the video on sina weibo in the original.

"It will be a crisis of Chernobyl proportions, especially because we will have to fight with the virus in the coming years," Yang said. "Especially those who have suffered losses will ask questions about how such a crisis came about." Dali Yang, a political scientist at the University of Chicago, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post
The virus spreads faster than SARS, and an extremely high number of unreported cases is expected.


update 02/13/20


After the Chinese authorities replaced numerous officials and health care managers in Hubei, infection figures have become apparent, which also pose a mystery to epidemiology experts. Why the survey and diagnostic criteria have been changed at this particular time cannot be explained by the numerous contributions from the Chinese agencies. On the microblogging service sina weibo, many US citizens express their absolute displeasure at the tactics used by officials to date to conceal the exact infection rates. The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong reports that there are now over 60,000 cases and more than 1,350 people have died from the novel virus. Meanwhile, the ship the Westerham could drop anchor in Cambodia. There are 57 Germans on the cruise ship.

update 02/12/2020

Still, no country insight is the watchword of the day.

The death rate and the number of infections continue to rise. New infections seem to have slowed down, but the epidemic has not yet reached its peak. Forty-five thousand one hundred seventy-five were infected worldwide. One thousand one hundred fifteen have died. And 4,774 were released from hospital cured.
Meanwhile, Wuhan, the epicentre of the epidemic, is being comprehensively disinfected.

update 02-11-2020

The deceit of the newly named Coranovirus lies in its transmission path. A pandemic can no longer be ruled out. At an extraordinary meeting in Geneva, the WHO gave the lung disease a name: COVID-19.
According to virologists worldwide, some patients have a very mild course of the disease. Still, even these symptoms, which are not associated with the coronavirus, can lead to infection in third parties, who can then die of the disease.

How is the virus transmitted? Probably by droplet infection, as Xin hua wrote a few days ago. The death rate and a number of people infected are appalling, but new infections are decreasing, according to the South China Morning Post. However, one can only hope that the epidemic has reached its peak. Bejing-News also writes about a general downward trend in new infections.

COVID-19 dance in the epidemic ward

Update 02/07-2020

No thriller writer could have come up with a better drama than the one currently taking place off Japan.
The Diamond Princess, a cruise ship of the shipping company Princess Cruises with homeport Hamilton/Bermuda offers space for 3700 passengers on 13 decks.
Now the cruise giant is in considerable trouble. Since the beginning of February, the ship has been anchoring in Yokohama Bay off the Japanese port of the same name.

There are 61 people infected with the coronavirus on board. Among them are citizens of various nations, such as Chinese from the city of Wuhan, 21 Japanese, eight Americans, five Australians, five Canadians and one infected person each from Argentina and Great Britain. Over 200 people have been identified in direct contact with the infected, according to the Japanese news agency Kyodo News. The affected passengers are said to be in a satisfactory state of health.

They were tested positive for the pathogen at medical stations in Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, Shizuoka Prefecture. The ship has now been placed under complete quarantine. Another boat, the "Westerham" from Hong Kong, was banned from entering port after a passenger was suspected of being infected. Non-citizens of Japan will be prohibited from entering Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced.
"We will make it a top priority to check the health of passengers and crew members on the cruise ship and take thorough measures to prevent infection," said Health Minister Katsunobu Kato, according to the Japanese news agency.

Update 07.02.2020

Unfortunately, no improvement is in sight.

The Chinese government has incurred the wrath of many Chinese with the death of the well-known doctor, Dr Li Wenliang. Li was the first medical doctor to warn as early as December of a SARS-like disease that had broken out in the vicinity of a market that traded illegal meat. He was summoned by the Chinese police for spreading rumours. His findings could have prevented many effects of the epidemic.

Now an unknown pangolin (Pholidota) pangolin is said to be responsible for the outbreak, according to the Chinese news agency xin hua.




Pangolins are pangolin or fir cone animals of a mammalian family. They are traded on illegal markets because of their scales and meat. 2019-nCoV was detected in the animals. In China, the meat is considered a special delicacy because it is probably classified as potency-promoting in traditional medicine.

Prepared Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla): The large digging claws of the forefeet and the muscular tail, which can carry the weight of the animal, are visible
confounded -


update 06.02.2020
Unfortunately, there is still nothing good to report.

The figures are frightening, which the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong has now published. It seems that the international community, despite all agreement, is not getting the disease under control. There are now nearly 30,000 infected and 565 dead.

Taiwan has suspended visas for Hong Kong and Macao citizens indefinitely. As well as banning cruise ships from docking in the waters of the former Formosa.
It is also becoming increasingly difficult to deliver food to the central isolation zone around Wuhan, the agencies report.


update 02-05-2020

Despite enormous suspected cases of new infections and rising death rates, individual fates also touch the Chinese public. Such as a newborn baby, which is 30 hours old and was infected via the mother, as the microblogging service, sina weibo, reported. It was discovered that the coronavirus is sensitive to heat and UV light.
In addition, an experimental drug is already being used in China to cure the sick.
Meanwhile, the population is being educated more and more about what preventive hygiene measures can be taken.


The hatred of the Chinese is also a cause for concern.

Update 03.02.2020

WHO complains about disinformation and fake news about coronavirus

The World Health Organization WHO complains, very politically this time, that the pandemic is distracting from the real problems in the world, says a statement by Medico.

"It seems that everyone is rushing into this new infectious disease, already announced as a "pandemic", not to mention the climate crisis, the Libyan crisis and the Brexit crisis. And all the players have their own interests at stake. …“

The WHO also complains of an infodemia that would obscure the apparent facts. Trump for no stupidity and for no completely twisted news too bad, the CIA has intervened. As if it could help against viruses. With the travel ban, Trump has only fuelled the rumours.




In reality, infection rates and mortality rates are rising dramatically in China, according to the South China Morning Post.

In Thailand, on the other hand, a "cocktail" of anti-HIV drugs and anti-influenza drugs has succeeded in stopping the course of the disease and bringing patients to a satisfactory state of health. (Currently, the news are only available in Thai and would have to be transferred into the respective national language with the automatic translator).

Update 02.02.2020

Two of the Germans flown out of Wuhan by the German Air Force are under quarantine. They are infected with the coronavirus.

On La Gomera, several travellers who had contact with previously identified infected persons have been quarantined.


Scary numbers

According to the latest information from the Chinese authorities, 14,562 people are said to be infected. The Vulcan Mountain Hospital in Wuhan can accommodate several thousand patients within days on 33,000 square meters, as the news service of sina weibo announced a few minutes ago that operations are expected to start on February 5. Doctors from the Chinese People's Liberation Army are anticipated in Wuhan.

The population is accepting the measures of the Chinese government with equanimity and questioning, frustration and hopelessness.


Supplies were already provided yesterday, tons of relief supplies were lifted to Wuhan.
The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong reports the first death in the Philippines since the travel ban. A heat scanner is being used at the airport in Manila.
According to agency reports, the avian flu virus has also broken out near the affected province of Hubei.

A jet of the German Air Force has just landed in Frankfurt am Main with 126 people from Wuhan on board. The people who flew out, including Chinese nationals and one US American, are to be taken to an air force base in Germersheim in the Palatinate in quarantine.

By Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia - Luftwaffe (German Air Force), 54+01, Airbus A400M, CC BY-SA 2.0,

update 31.01.2020

Breaking News: The coronavirus infects a child in Germany for the first time, it is the agencies did not report the child of an infected person from Bavaria How the child is doing.

As numerous agencies report, the coronavirus is spreading. The number of new infections is increasing rapidly. The number of deaths is also growing hourly. So far, 213 people are reported to have fallen victim to the disease. Almost 10,000 people are infected.
Many states have begun to fly their compatriots out of Wuhan, including the Federal Republic, according to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a jet of the Federal Air Force is on its way to Wuhan to evacuate German citizens.
Meanwhile, more and more people are leaving Hubei province for the neighbouring region of Jiangxi via the Yangtze Bridge.

update 01/29/20

As Nine News Australia and ABC News (Australia) independently report, Australian scientists have for the first time been able to cultivate the coronavirus artificially in the laboratory. The scientists are now on the way to creating a vaccine within a short time. This news should ease the situation considerably. Lufthansa, like British Airways, had previously cancelled all flights to China.

update January 29, 2020

Meanwhile, the evilest conspiracy theories about the virus are circulating, as is also written in countless other media.
There is no reason to panic. Also, there is no need for notes in the Chinese language to cause fear, no matter who hangs them up.

Plague is not a means to serve the wildest conspiracy theories. The coronavirus certainly does not come from a laboratory but has spread to humans through an animal.
Nor are there any "100 years of viruses" that, like the Spanish flu in 1920, are now breaking out. These are profitable conspiracy theories that are being peddled.
When you have a disease, you have to trust science, not discriminate against the Chinese because the plague broke out in China.

The hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus is inhuman and does not reflect the real situation. It is only looking for a scapegoat, which is seen in the Chinese. Wang Qimin's movie is depressing and shows how helpless people are, but the film also shows that those responsible for Wuhan make every effort to contain the epidemic.
And for that, the responsible people deserve the respect of the whole world community.

update 28.01.2020

In Munich, respiratory masks are in short supply after the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Germany, according to the Tagesspiegel.
According to the doctors, the man should be fine.

In Wuhan, the feverish cause continues after the source of infection. Now, bats are being searched for the virus in snakes that were traded at the market. In addition to countless rumours about the cause on China's networks, deputy director of the Chinese Center for Health, Feng Zijian, noted that the virus infects all age groups. In Quanzhou, a woman spread rumours about the epidemic on social networks and was promptly sentenced to prison!
Also, in the last few hours, there has been a very intensive search of the fish market in Wuhan, outraged citizens want to visit the owner of the fish market, as is written on sina weibo.
Within 6-7 days the virus would virtually double and infect at least another two to three people. It is also interesting to note that the Chinese government is following up leads that indicate that the virus may have broken out in different places.

update 01/26/20

While the coronavirus is spreading, 41 people have died of the lung virus, the search for the cause continues in China.
The focus here is on the markets with snakes, badgers, foxes, dogs, cats, rats and bats that are offered for consumption. Here a film of preparation on an Indonesian market.

Bats have long been suspected of transmitting haemorrhagic fever in the Congo. At the markets the meat is cheap, and if it is not cooked through, it can lead to severe diseases. In China, social networks are discussing whether bats are potential vectors for lung disease.
There is no scientific proof yet.

A second hospital is being built in Wuhan, which will accept patients, as weibo reports.

update The virus (2019-nCoV) spreads, and China shows how to quarantine 43 million people

As (Xinhua) just reported in the "People Daily" is shown how rigid China can carry out a quarantine. Dozens of hospital employees walk down the corridors of a hospital with protective clothing, like ghosts. Yichang (4.1 million inhabitants) and Tianmen (1.9 million), as well as Wuhan (12.0 million inhabitants) in Hubei province and Hebei province, are sealed off. All public traffic has been stopped there.
Meanwhile, 24 people have died from a dangerous epidemic, which also broke out in Hong Kong and Macau. The Special Administrative Regions, together with Taiwan, confirmed five new cases, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

On Weibo, people's fear is evident

China's social network, weibo, reflects the concern of the people on the eve of the Chinese New Year. Don't panic!
There were new cases in Fuzhou city, two instances in Ganzhou city, 2 cases in Shangrao city, 1 case in Nanchang city, 1 case in Jiujiang city, 1 case in Jingdezhen city and 1 case in Yichun city. As of today, one case in Jiangxi province of the novel coronavirus is also reported. It is a terrible disease, and it is unanimously admitted.
"Everyone wears a mask, washes their hands often, drinks lots of water, eats more fruit, improves immunity, protects their bodies and takes care of themselves and their families," a man from Wuhan writes in weibo. Everyone advises against going to the markets where there is a game, live birds or flowers. Playgrounds for children have also been closed, as well as entertainment venues noted another microblogger. Other bloggers would like to see proper medical care, especially protective gear and masks.

Threatening virus

There are increasing signs that a pandemic is imminent due to an outbreak of coronavirus, causing a severe lung infection.

The mysterious disease has broken out in China. Hundreds of Chinese are said to have contracted the disease, but the virus has continued its journey from Asia, where it caused infections in Thailand, Japan, South Korea. So far nine people have died from the disease, which is believed to be caused by a mutated SARS virus. The coronavirus is highly infectious and has now reached the USA. A man contracted the virus here, returning home to Seattle from China.
Due to the upcoming Chinese New Year, many more infected people are feared. As is well known, the New Year festival triggers whole migrations of people in China.

The virus had jumped from the animal to humans in 2016 in Wuhan/China. There, people and animals live together due to poverty in rural areas.
The WHO has called an emergency meeting today to discuss how to proceed.
According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, Germany would face a "shallow risk" after having asked the Robert Koch Institute to assess the situation.



Iron March (1) Nuclear Weapons Division - the ugly Nazi has got a stupid face

Nazis love computers and grimaces

Iron March, the alleged splendid edition of the U.S. Nazi movement's Atomic Weapons Division was

I've hooked a John Doe. The fascist terror-internationalists draw in their violent and fantasies of omnipotence the image of a bleak future, which would only be dominated by slavery and killing. It is dark dystrophy of a gang of dangerous criminals who worship war criminals like Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels and Hitler God alike.


Through the populism, the morning air is scenting, who want to put up the gallows again. This circumstance is garnished by perverse pictures and links, which are inhumanity and abnormality no longer to be surpassed.

"Mainly for political reasons, although I support genocide if necessary."

In the breeding ground of terror, people are wrongfully considering how to deal with human material. Camps are favoured and portrayed in all extreme inhumanity, according to the Gulag system, blurring the boundaries of communism and National Socialism. The new and self-proclaimed master race propagates even slavery. ( Books about ethnic cleansing and the instructions for it are also a big hit in the Brown Psychopath chat, followed by the race theory.


Pathetic enough. It's called National Action. Via R E V O L T N S can also be accessed via Facebook. The assassin of Halle can be justified there independently. Facebook has a real problem in this context. The Zuckerberg giant doesn't mind when right-wing thought dirt is published. Facebook loves lip service. No more, but no less either.

About the Nazis, from the time until 1945 there is half-knowledge. Mysticism, like Neuschwabenland and the hereafter so-called Vril-Fluggscheibe and a senseless glorification of the atrocities of the Hitler regime. The user Schwarzmarsch, for example, has no idea at all about Nazi Germany (although he knows a lot about it), but he seems to know something about killing. He makes a big story about fascism. Although he'd have to be a brown Methuselah by now. The Night of the Long Knives was early 1934.


Bundesarchiv Bild 102-15282A, Ernst Röhm

 Ernst Röhm during an SS roll call on the military training area Döberitz, August 1933 Federal Archives, Picture 102-15282A / Georg Pahl / CC-BY-SA 3.0


"The night of the long knives was the best night of my life" 


A murder in these circles, forums, means nothing, probably too many have already happened in the international haze of the brown sediment. The traces are global and run through all strata of society - murder is the expression of heroism in these bizarre, esoteric herb garden circles of those who seek plans for attacks - martyrs in all countries. Even Russian training camps exist for such creatures.

The only frightening thing is that the states close their eyes to this brown sediment. From the lines, it is clear that there must be paramilitaries who roam the country murdering, who see the Norwegian mass murderer Breivik as a model of the new national movement.


Brown bootlickers


Vanguard America inspires User Leon from Germany. This one tries his hand as a loyal vassal on the other side of the Atlantic. Incitement of the people is still a blind game in the misery of the fascists. Opportunities are sought to stir up the situation, fired up by poorly written Russian agitators who promote self-radicalisation.

For most modern people, living in the power of fascism would not be possible. Much of it becomes a secret and conspiratorially planned, although the Nazis themselves do not understand what they are preparing—murder, terror, misery, slavery and war. You are simply too stupid, apart from the fact that conspiratorial bunkers require logistics. Independent thinking, that is too much to ask of right-minded people.

That's only temporary relief.


How long can a group of marauders terrorize a city?

Hamburg's reputation in the world suffers

Hamburg had a worldwide reputation. Now, after the third night of rioting in a row, the whole world is wondering, what is going on?


An entire apparatus of a city, in the Federal Republic of Germany, is being fooled by anarchists. To foreign countries, it seems like the prophecy of Mad Max in reality.

When will action finally be taken against the black bloc thugs to put an end to years of the hustle and bustle?


Black Bloc under police surveillance, Schanze Hamburg, 2016 archive kasaan media, 2016
Black Bloc under police surveillance, Schanze Hamburg, 2016 archive kasaan media, 2016


Everyone thinks only of themselves, only I think of myself

Anarchy is feasible 

One of the Rote Flora spokespersons yesterday publicly justified the anarchists' activities but was surprised that it had also affected his surroundings.

Who are these people?

Is anarchy a new way of life?

Already last year, photographers and journalists, including Reporters Without Borders, complained that they had been attacked by participants in a rally on the margins of the OSCE Meeting, where they were massively attacked, some of them with wills, then with staples rather than steel balls and kicked, some of them with steel bars.

Civil war with an announcement

The problem has been around not just since yesterday or last year, but for decades.

Spoiled children of affluence, who only resort to violence, were responsible for this. The left-wing scene around the Rote Flora has no political concept, only riots in its head and has been doing so for decades.

It is not uncommon for journalists who report on the May riots every year to have been threatened by the marauders with the looting of a petrol station in Königsstraße, 2015, that they wanted to set the place on fire or quickly kill the journalist.

Black Bloc kasaan media, 2016 archive
Black Bloc kasaan media, 2016 archive

We pointed this out again and again, almost like in a prayer wheel. For this, we were laughed at and ridiculed. Some of them are even called us "sissies".

No one can say that the Black Bloc did not set up the depots for the stone slabs and steel balls months in advance. Large depots, which were only found and searched after the fires in Hamburg. Pardon?

The problem Hafenstrasse, Red (Rote)Flora, has accompanied the mayors for decades. Finally, a solution can be found that at least guarantees the security of the citizens of a city like Hamburg.



Interjection: Bremen - The problem Salafism recognized too late

We are in Gröpelingen in front of a small, urban shopping centre, a slightly smaller supermarket. On the side of one of the Bremen mosques, the "Kultur & Familien Verein e.V.". The building is located not far away from the Gröpelinger Heerstraße, which runs like a dead straight main road, in a traffic-calmed residential area.
Rene, in his mid-fifties, who eats a sausage at one of the stalls on the fringes of a children's party, means
"We have other things to worry about. Sarrazzin does not write about the biggest stigma of Bremen: the BaGiS West. He could write about people being "desocialized". There is a couple who have power in their hands and abuse it perversely. They don't care about any law at all," he suddenly makes his point.
"Nobody controls them and it's like in the Roman Empire, there in the arena! They're getting all little Caesars with their Hartz IV policy. I think it is good when the public prosecutor investigates Sarrazzin, I read in the BILD newspaper. We don't need a new right-wing in Germany. If such a party gets 18% in elections, then we will soon have a hatred of Hartz IV recipients. Well, there is. In France it is the Roma, here it is another minorities. It's time again to call for a strong man. The politicians of all parties have driven the country against the wall, together with their friends, the bankers, and keep such officials as those in the BaGiS West to enforce their goals. This is bad."
"I don't support someone who writes such nonsense. It only warms up the xenophobia, so that it distracts from the real problems, which in our country are more pressing every day," says a young woman whom we ask.
"It is the usual populist clientele that can or wants to make friends with such verbal failures. We Hanseatic citizens are avowed Europeans," says one of them, grumbling at the evil machinations, as he calls them.
"Turks are part of our culture. There are only some who are wannabe Islamists! It is from them that the danger in question emanates, not from some muzzlers. Sarrazzin serves old prejudices and partly nasty propaganda," says another.
A likeable, full-bearded patrolman explains a children's party on the square in front of the prayer house with a colleague from a VW bus under surveillance:
"We would need a stronger government. At the moment everything is a banana republic," nods to his own words. Confirm this. Plucks at his uniform. No, he doesn't seem to feel joy or happiness anymore.
About the work he enjoys. The colleague of the official who is behind the wheel does not want to comment, but cynically but understandably in the situation he replies quite objectively:
"There is a press office that tells us everything. That's all I want to say."
It smells of fried sausages, as fish cakes are cooking in boiling fat which a saleswoman in her rolling stand turns and turns opposite:
"We're doing just fine!"
Then she shrugs her shoulders.
On the blue, huge, castle-like mat of an insurance company, three teenagers are enjoying the autumn sunshine and don't know what to say. "Life is just good at this moment. That's all I want to think about right now." "Europe is awesome!" another young man exclaims.
France and the Roma deportations are far away, nobody cares, doesn't bother. It looks bitter.
In front of the mosque of the "Kultur & Familien Verein e.V." a long-bearded believer with a bright white prayer robe walks into the door.
We try to address him, identify ourselves as journalists.
Want to hear him too, because he is a part of this city, a part of Bremen. No, he's not interested in a conversation.
Why should I? he yells
"It's bad enough that we don't have the intercultural exchange. If you talk to each other, don't shoot the other," commented a passer-by who had observed the situation shortly before.
"You have to be afraid of them, surely they're not just praying, read the
Report on the Protection of the Constitution," he shouts to us and continues to cycle down Sewenjestraße with his shopping. "I only live in Germany, this is Europe. Nothing more," the believer says unmotivated contemptuously and aggressively. By his pre-exercised appearance, he insults not only the Federal Republic of Germany, no matter whether this country is his home or the chosen host country, but also the honourable faith, the integration efforts and ability of so many Muslims, who once came to Germany with peaceful aims.
"No, I don't want to say anything!" he's telling us.
The man does not want to listen, he wants to be different. Retreats into the role of victim, damning the society living around it. Pulls on his child, tugs at the scared little girl as if he has to protect her from something. In the already mentioned report on the protection of the constitution, it was criticized that the children are brought up particularly strictly according to the Koran in order not to be in line with the general Western ideas.
He means to me that I have to disappear, that I have no questions to ask, certainly not to him.
His long robe blows in the first cool autumn wind.
Afterwards, he disappears with an evil, incomprehensible look into the house of religion. But comes back again after a few seconds, photographs the car, us at work. One senses that for him freedom is only valid within his limits. In the end, he makes a derogatory gesture, photographs the vehicle again several times from the mosque.
The so-called "Kultur & Familien Verein e.V." maintains the radical attitude according to the last, very clearly explained constitutional protection report. Preaches the Salafist-takfirist ideology, cursing here the Basic Law, which is valid for the Federal Republic of Germany and existential for the rest of us who live here, as not compatible with faith. Other Muslims and the Christians represent for this presumed community the "unbelievers".
Explain us to these.
The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution suspects that "possibly an attempt is being made to build up a network that can be attributed to the Salafist-Tafirist ideology".
Through systematic investigations by the Bremen authorities, knowledge was also gained of various travel activities of individual members, and the busy constitutional protectors in this matter also noted:
"A protagonist of the "Kultur & Familien Verein e.V." was refused a passport by the Bremen registration office. The reasoning is that the Bremen police have concrete facts at their disposal,
"...which justify the assumption that the passport applicant directly intends to leave the Federal Republic of Germany to go to a training camp of the terrorist organisation "Al-Qaida" in a non-European country and to receive instruction there in the handling of weapons and explosives or other military or terrorist skills...". It was also decreed that the federal identity card does not entitle the holder to leave the Federal Republic.
Understandable is the smouldering resentment of the neighbours, who fear that the diffusely acting group will one day radically carry the bloody war to Bremen, to Germany. Whatever. For questionable goals that are certainly not anchored in the foundations of religion.
An elderly gentleman, a former senior student councillor, watches us at work for quite some time: " Probably even he cannot justify what he is fabricating with two dozen alleged radicals. The terrible thing about them, they are very active," he pulls his decrepit dachshund of the leash and blows his nose.
"But the authorities' hands are tied. "I do not want to know what the children learn in this house of worship, what means are used to work there. What's going to happen to these kids? They hate us unbelievers, when they are 8 years old, which they do when they are 20, I would not like to imagine. But what I don't understand at all is why this centre is not banned," he says angrily.


Kultur & Familien Verein e.V. , kasaan media, 2010



National Socialist Underground - the mystery associated with Michele Kiesewetter

NSU - was the network significantly larger? 



lace-up pointed toe boots

Only 250 days of the 5000 days that the perpetrators lived underground could be roughly clarified.

One wonders where the trio was, the electricity consumption in the apartment, which was later blown up by Zschäpe in Zwickau, had that of a one-person household.


Were there any other hiding places or shelters for the trio? 


That too is likely.


There are indications that more than just the trio around Beate Zschäpe, who was later accused before the State Security Senate in Munich, were involved in the crime against police officer Michèle Kiesewetter.


Even 12 years after the deeds, the motive for the shooting at the Theresienwiese in Heilbronn is still in the dark. 

Had Kiesewetter perhaps unconsciously attracted the perpetrators? All one could say about this would be speculation.

There were many conspiracy theories, especially from the right milieu.


The quoted texts are from the report to the Federal Prosecutor General at the Federal Supreme Court

2 BJs 162/11-2 - VS - NfD

STA Heilbronn, Germany Az.: 16 UJs 1068/07


During the research for this article, we felt the tactics of the state to lay the cloak of silence over the cruel murder of the officer and the attempted murder of her colleague, over the entire NSU affair. The credibility of the state, especially concerning the so-called "deep state", should be based on this act of the right-wing terrorist group "National Socialist Underground (NSU)".

Ms Kiesewetter was a policewoman, young and had her life ahead of her. She had, as was usual at that age, relationships with men, but she was certainly not responsible for her fate. 


It was not a tragic case of the murder of politically blinded perpetrators. Still, a long-planned action by right-wing terrorists, perhaps only to maintain the mission of "Inner Tension".

Incredible seemed the DNA assignments concerning the so-called "Phantom of Heilbronn", which haunted German laboratories for years and was later seen as an error in genetic analysis. The traces found at 40 crime scenes belonged to a worker who worked in a Bavarian packaging plant. 

Now one might think that this was intentional - one person is travelling through Europe, the Phantom even appeared in a garden settlement in Austria and was involved in countless crimes since 1993 that no one could explain. At the time, the search was on for an unknown woman who was following this extraordinary trail.

For years the investigators of the SoKo parking lot were groping in the dark.

The accusations were particularly brazen, which Ms Kiesewetter made after her death and which made it particularly difficult for her to have a relationship with her colleagues.

What had happened?

On 25 April 2007, Kiesewetter, who comes by birth from Thuringia, and her colleague Martin Arnold stopped at the Theresienwiese car park in Heilbronn at around 1:55 pm with their emergency vehicle, a BMW 5-series estate car, GP-3464.

 From his later statement to the investigators, the following picture of the minutes emerges: "Martin Arnold also remembered the entrance to the Theresienwiese and that they had parked backwards next to the brick building. They had eaten there and then he had smoked, and that in the vehicle, contrary to his statements in the previous interrogation, he had noticed a man whom he had seen in his right-hand exterior mirror. The stranger had passed between the building and the passenger side of the police car. It had not been a young man. At the same time, Michèle said: "Not even here you can have peace, he probably wants information".

Further interrogations and investigations in connection with the crime against Mr Arnold, even once under hypnosis, revealed additional: 

"They had entered the Theresienwiese from the Frankfurter Straße and parked backwards next to the power distribution house. They had eaten in the vehicle and then smoked a cigarette. He had talked to Michèle about their further use by the police. The doors of the car were closed, the windows on both sides open. In the rear-view mirror, he then saw a man approaching the vehicle from behind on the passenger side. The man had been middle-aged, dressed in dark jeans, black shoes and a short-sleeved shirt. The man had dark hair, did not wear glasses and had no beard. Michèle said: "Someone wants information". He then instinctively looked at her side and saw a male person at the height of the B-pillar. He could only see the upper part of his body and the mouth.

The man was dressed in a red/white chequered short-sleeved shirt. Michèle had said something else to the man.

The man was 170-180 cm tall. He had an average figure, wore a light-coloured shirt with a button facing. Just before he lost his memory, he turned to his right side. A black stripe ran through the red and white patterned shirt. The person on the driver's side had greyish-white arm hair and therefore must have been over 40 years old.

That didn't fit on Böhnhart or Mundlos, the co-offenders of Zschäpe. The trio of the NSU.

So who was the person?

An identikit picture was made according to the victim's information, Arnold.


Why wasn't the sketch published?

Second part: NSU - the deep state? The contradictions of Heilbronn

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